The Pause Program

Introducing the PAUSE Program - a program that teaches your kids brain basics.

The Pause Program busts myths about how our brain and emotions work especially when it comes to talking to your kids about anger, fear, frustration and sadness. The program presents an easy way for parents to approach emotions in a way that is easy and a great way to learn together.

Created by Wendy Fox, a local teacher from Malanda for the Department of Education in Queensland, the wellbeing program teaches students and teachers about three key parts of the brain, mindfulness strategies and positive education to help them emotionally self-regulate.

Pause strategies and behaviours can be used anytime.

You can find out more about how Wendy created the Pause program and the benefits of it to younger children in the TED Talk: The Teacher I Wish I Had.

Download the Pause for Parents Learning from Home Resources booklet to use alongside the videos which you will find below.

PAUSE Program videos

1. Wendy Fox introduces the Pause Program to Parents.

2. Malanda State School Staff, Students and Parents talk about the Pause Program

3. Pause Story: Introduces students to 3 Key parts of the brain and links each part to an animal to help them remember the parts..

4. Pause Story Australian Animals: Introduces students to 3 Key parts of the brain and links each part to an animal to help them remember the parts.

5. Pause Brain Basics Lesson 1: 3 Key Parts of the Brain

6. Pause Brain Basics Lesson 2: Mind Jar

7. Pause Brain Basics Lesson 3: Hand Model of the Brain

8. Pause Brain Basics Lesson 4: Brain House

9. Pause Mindfulness Lesson 1: Mindful Bodies and Pause Posture

10. Pause Mindfulness Lesson 2: Heartfulness

11. Pause Mindfulness Lesson 3: Self Awareness and Emotional Regulation

12. Pause Mindfulness Lesson 4: Mindful Seeing

13. Pause Mindfulness Lesson 5: Mindful Eating

14. Pause Mindfulness Lesson 6: Mindful Movement.

15. Pause Mindfulness Lesson 7: Mindful Listening and the RAS part of the Brain.

16. Pause Mindfulness Lesson 8: Mindful Thinking

17. Pause Positive Education Lesson 1: A Guide to Daily Happiness.

18. Pause Positive Education Lesson 2: Growth Mindset.

19. Pause Positive Education Lesson 3: Gratitude.

20. Pause Positive Education Lesson 4: Resilience, Dealing with Change.

21. Pause Positive Education Lesson 5: Kindness.

22. Pause Positive Education Lesson 6
"Empathy is..."

23. A storybook call "A World of Pausabilities"

This is the final video in the PAUSE program.

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