Navigator Program

Are mental health difficulties impacting your daily life? Or have been diagnosed with a mental illness and unsure what support you need? 

When you are experiencing severe mental illness over a long period of time it can impact on all areas of your life and can often be overwhelming and confusing to navigate. It might even feel like you don't have control or choices about what you need for your health and wellbeing, or even what support you need. 

The Navigator Program, is a local service which forms part of the Commonwealth Psychosocial Support Program. 

The program helps people with mental illness who need short-term help to access support that suits their own, individual needs. The program offers one-on-one and group support activities to help people with severe mental illness:

  • connect with clinical care and other services they need
  • build capacity in managing day-to-day activities
  • strengthen social skills, friendships and relationships with family
  • increase educational, vocational and training skills.

Support for people with severe mental illness is available through this program, if they are not with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or a state and territory-funded service.


To access  the navigator program please contact our office on 07 40440130 or email [email protected].

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