Centacare Mental Health & Wellbeing Coaching Service is funded through the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) to deliver the Cairns National Psychosocial Support Measure (NPSM). The NPSM provides free, psychosocial non-clinical support to individuals with severe episodic mental health challenges. 

For our NDIS participants we offer two line items under the category of Increased social and community participation for skills development and training both individually and in group settings.

We practice resiliency coaching which we believe is a great way to hold hope, stay curious whilst encouraging personal responsibility in the moving forward. We deliver programs in Cairns, Yarrabah, Innisfail, Tablelands, Mareeba and Mossman

Who do we work with? 

We work in partnership with friends and families, clinicians, GP's, local government and existing services to assist adults who experience severe episodic mental health challenges, to negotiate the best possible outcomes for their future.

Our Service Delivery 

Our service delivery model is innovative, best practice and evidence-based, and is regularly evaluated to be responsive to community needs. Centacare FNQ has assisted hundreds of people to reclaim lives, reconnect with families, live well and find their place in community.

Our Services & Clients 

We work collaboratively with clinicians, adults experiencing severe and persistent mental illness and their families or carers to develop a coaching plan that assists people to reclaim a meaningful and contributing life, beyond the impacts of mental illness. 

The work is voluntary, practical, collaborative, intentional and individually tailored to each person.

The 12-week individual and group coaching programs have been developed in recognition that people are the experts and masters of their own lives, and that experiencing a mental illness does not necessarily limit people in their aspirations of living a good life.

The Coaching Program 

Centacare FNQ's Resilience Coaching Program challenges people through its Learn, Try, Stretch model to:

  • Learn new ways through fostering the discovery of personal strengths and abilities. 
  • Try new things by supporting people to develop the skills required to live a meaningful life, including taking personal responsibility. 
  • Stretch by challenging people to try things outside of their everyday comfort zones, utilising the individuals personal resource base to attain community membership. 

Our multi-disciplinary team of trained professionals have the qualifications and lived-experience to coach people as they strive for mastery of their lives. The work complements clinical and medical treatments, working with clinicians to reduce the need for acute care.


Resilience coaching is a form of personalised support that works specifically with people experiencing severe episodic mental health challenges to develop a structured plan for their recovery. Our practice places the person at the centre of decision-making around their own lives. 

Our coaches work with service users to: 

  • Gain independence 
  • Build better relationships 
  • Navigate the health system 
  • Create healthy habits 
  • Deal with substance abuse 
  • Manage anger 
  • Get back to work; and 
  • Build community connections 
We build strong and genuine connections with the people who use our service and we never give up.

Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program provides opportunities for people who have gone through the Resilience Coaching Program and wish to give back. During this program the person has the opportunity to gain experience, training and support as a Peer Mentor or alternatively this experience may lead the person on a pathway towards the community services sector. In any case we believe that contributing back is a great way for people to move forward in their recovery. 

Referring People to Our Service 

Apart from families, friends and loved ones, general practitioners, community service organisations, local Government officers and the police are often the first people to have contact with people who would benefit from using our service. 

To refer people to our NPSM program, please contact Neami National's Connect to Wellbeing on 1300 020 390 or visit their website at: and follow the prompts. Alternatively, service users can self-refer by contacting us direct on the details below:

Contact Us

Centacare Mental Health & Wellbeing Coaching 
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Opening Hours: 
Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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