About Us

Centacare FNQ has served the community of Far North Queensland since 1981. As the Social Services agency of the Catholic Diocese of Cairns, Centacare FNQ proudly works with the community to deliver social services, underpinned by Catholic Social Teaching, to support the needs of residents in the region.

As an organisation, Centacare FNQ has focused on community wellbeing in the broadest sense, not only within the immediate Cairns area but also across the whole of the Far North Queensland region. Centacare FNQ continues to strive to maintain its commitment to supporting and assisting people living within the Far North Queensland community who are most in need.

We provide services that are community driven, easy to access and that make a difference in the lives of individuals, families and the Far North Queensland region. As a local organisation, we want to improve the community in which we live and we know that starts with listening and working together with local people. We will listen and always try to make a difference.


Our vision is for an inclusive community, which respects diversity, empowers its members and values wellbeing.


Our mission is to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of our community through collaborative relationships and partnerships, promoting equity and responding to need at an individual, family and community level.



  • Equity - We give preference to people most in need and provide services to the areas of most disadvantage.
  • Respect - At all times we treat people with respect and care striving to be non-judgemental. 
  • Relationships - We invite people to maintain, rekindle or develop naturally occurring relationships with their family, supports and their social environment. 
  • Inclusion - The belief of nothing about us without us is central to our work. We resist participating in activities in which the person is not present or has not given their consent. 


  • Collaboration - We work interdependently, for the common good, towards building a community that supports people to attain their full potential; recognising we are all in this together.
  • Community - We work to improve the wellbeing of our broader community, informed by the needs of the people whom we support.


  • Accountability - We commit to responsibility and accountability in using resources (natural, community, organisational) in the pursuit of high quality service provision. 
  • Empowerment - We work with people towards self-determination, and to find the balance between providing too much or too little. 

Strategic Priority

Our strategic priority is to strengthen our organisation and empower our people in order to continue promoting and supporting wellbeing across our community long-term, through provision of quality, sustainable, support and services and creating opportunities for people to make the difference they are seeking in their lives.

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