Volunteering at Centacare FNQ

Centacare FNQ Volunteers play a vital role within Multicultural Services by providing support across all our projects and programs which include:

Volunteers support our clients by empowering them towards independence. Volunteer role may include assisting clients to medical appointments, public transport, local orientation, Women's Group, Technology Group, Girls Group, Boys Group and many more. 


Volunteering with Centacare FNQ gives you an opportunity to:

  • Meet new people
  • Learn new skills
  • Build Self Confidence
  • Supporting a cause
  • Have fun
  • Staying Active and Involved within our community 

Volunteers are greatly valued and recognised for their skills, knowledge, time, passion and commitment with Centacare FNQ. Previous volunteers have gained employment as Case Managers, Case Workers, Community Development Work through the volunteering program. 

People who volunteer with Centacare Multicultural Services have a commitment to social justice, well developed communication skills, are keen to learn about the challenges faced by refugees and migrants and have a strong commitment to working in a culturally appropriate manner. 

All volunteers are required to possess the following:

  • Interview by appointment and two reference checks
  • Obtain a Blue Card (working with children check)
  • Obtain a Yellow Card (Disability Services positive exemption notice card)
  • Workplace Orientation and Training


Changes to the Blue Card System


To work or volunteer with children in Queensland you need a blue card. The No Card, No Start law means you must have a valid blue card before you start work.

You are now able to apply for a blue card before you get a job, so you can be job-ready.

If you already have a blue card and don't renew your blue card by the time it expires, you will be subject to the No Card, No Start law and cannot work.

The new laws require Centacare FNQ to take reasonable steps to ensure the card belongs to the card holder and link them to the organisation before engaging them in work.

When a new worker, volunteer or student joins Centacare FNQ, the Queensland Laws require us to check the card holder's identity. Volunteers and students need to be linked to an organisation to get a blue card for free. Volunteers have always needed a blue card before you could start working or volunteering with children.

To avoid delays with your application, ensure you already have your Blue Card and Yellow Card or go to www.qld.gov.au/bluecard for further information.



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