People thrive on relationships and some of the most important relationships we ever experience are those within our families. Unfortunately, these can often also be the most challenging. Emotions can quickly become heightened and it can be difficult to see a way forward.

Centacare FNQ's has been providing professional counselling services in Cairns and the Far North since 1981.  We offer a supportive and collaborative environment where individuals, couples and families can discuss their problems and concerns, clarify the situation, gain new perspectives and work towards change.

Our counselling service is flexible. Whilst our main focus is on a whole family approach, we are also able to offer counselling for individuals, couples and families, at different stages of their lives:


We can support clients under the age of 14, who may be seeking assistance with family or relationship issues. Children under 14 will need their parent or guardian's consent to attend counselling.


We provide therapeutic support for young people aged between 14 and 17. Young people over the age of 14 may seek services in their own right, which will be discussed with and determined by the counsellor.


Adults include any client 17 years and over seeking assistance with family or relationship issues, including therapeutic support and group sessions.


Couples counselling can help couples in all types of intimate relationships, regardless of marital status. Couple counselling typically includes both partners, but sometimes one partner may choose to work with a counsellor individually.


Family counselling can help maintain valued family relationships, even after separation.  It is different to Couples Counselling in that it can involve all members of the family - or those members that the family feel would benefit from therapy.

Our family and relationship counsellors are skilled in a variety of therapeutic methods to work with you to find the way to strengthen your relationships and support your family, using techniques tailored to your particular situation.  Counselling can also support you to generate your own solution to enhance, repair or strengthen relationships.

Even if a relationship has broken down, we are able to provide support including Family Dispute Resolution, post-separation counselling and parent education. Some of the areas we specialise in are:

Family & Relationship Services

These services aim to strengthen relationships, support families, improve children's well-being and increase the participation of people in community life to enhance family and community functioning. Family & Relationship services include counselling; education and skills training; parenting education; dispute resolution and information and referral. Our skilled practitioners can work with children, adolescents, couples and families to achieve these outcomes.

Fees apply for these services. Please contact us on 07 4044 0130 for more information.

Family Law Counselling

These services aim to improve family relationships in the best interest of children by providing alternatives to formal legal processes for families who are separated, separating or in dispute.

Family Law Counselling services include counselling; support, education and skills training; child-focused groups and information and referral. Our skilled practitioners can work with children, adolescents, couples and families where the family is separated, separating or in dispute, to achieve these outcomes.

Fees apply for these services. Please contact us on 07 4044 0130 for more information.

Family Support Program

This service provides therapy to children and their families in order to ensure preventative and early intervention support processes, improving the wellbeing and safety of children, young people and their families. The Family Support Program includes counselling for children, adolescents and families; educational group programs, information and collaboration with other services.

This service is fully funded by the Queensland Government and therefore no fees apply.

Counselling and Intervention Service

This service is for people involved with the Child Safety system and is solely by referral from the Department.

Employee Assistance Program

Recognising that home or work related stress and/or physical health may interfere with job performance and workplace productivity, Centacare FNQ provides counselling under an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), in partnership with Access EAP, Lifeworks by Morneau Shepell EAP, and for a number of local organisations including Catholic Education Services and the Diocese of Cairns.

Please check with your employer if you feel you would like to access EAP and are unsure how to go about this.

EAP fees are covered by your employer.

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