Coaching returns to Thomas Street and establishes two new outreach posts!

  06 July, 2020  ·    Shane Vernol

The last few months has led Mental Health Resilience coaches to test their own resiliency while adapting and becoming more flexible with their approach to delivering services despite the restrictions that Covid-19 has placed upon them. In many ways, although physically separated, relationships between the team and participants has strengthened and participants have been able to move forward in their recoveries and towards their goals, which is often the case when groups of people experience challenging times together. 

The team has been delighted by the amount of positive feedback they have received while delivering programs virtually. As a team, it’s encouraging to hear that what they do is making a difference - it’s why they do what they do.

What is also encouraging, is that with the slight easing of restrictions and with some careful and considered CovidSAFE planning, the team has been able to return to work and offer programs once again from 10 Thomas Street. In addition to successfully delivering both individual and group programs again, they have been able to establish two outreach posts in Mossman and Innisfail, where the team can meet with program participants on alternate Wednesdays. 

The team are maintaining an open and flexible mindset to program delivery all round and continue to connect with participants via telephone and other virtual means. They have learnt a lot from their experiences over the last few months and in a strange way have been refreshed and re-energised for our future endeavours!

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Coaching returns to Thomas Street and establishes two new outreach posts!
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