Working From Home

Working from Home - How will it work?

Employees who were able to work from home are now doing so. Although we will be working in our own home there are requirements as employees that we all must still adhere to. Other than being in a different location, as employees expectations remain the same including:

  • Adhere to all Centacare FNQ policies and procedures
  • You must be contactable during the normal span of hours
  • Ensure you are well and able to work . If you are unwell or unable to work due to other reasons, then leave entitlements are to be accessed. 
    *Read the latest update about leave from the Executive Director here - dated 26 March 2020.
    Access the COVID-19-Emergency Leave Application form here
  • Ensure your home workstation set-up complies with health and safety requirements at all times
  • Report any hazards or incidents need to reported in the same way they would in the workplace
  • All time is to be accounted for on your timesheet as usual
  • Take reasonable precautions necessary to ensure Centacare FNQ's equipment and data remains secure.
  • Outlook calendars need to be kept up to date and shared with Team Leaders and Managers as required.
  • Requirements of the working from home agreements are to be met at all times
  • Regular communication is to be maintained with your Team Leader or Manager
  • Your wellbeing is important, please let us know if you have any issues or concerns.
  • You must read and respond to organisational correspondence.
  • You will need to account for your time and activity in relation to the tasks you have agreed with your Team Leader, Manager or in your work plan.

Useful WFH Websites

Don't forget to stretch!

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How to Stay Productive When Working from Home

Working from home has become a necessity for most companies due to COVID-19. 

Social distancing is one of the only proven tactics for curbing virus outbreaks. Major companies are asking their employees to work from home (WFH) to keep their workforce safe and productive. Forbes shares some advice from veteran WFH professionals and guidance from experts who can help you be productive—and happy—while working from home in their article ‘How to Stay Productive if you’re Working from Home’. Specifically, they focus on how to be productive and how to remain connected to your team when you no longer need a badge to get your into your office.

To be productive:

  • Establish a routine - similar to the one you had before.
  • Create structure - set up a place at home where you exclusively work...
  • Move around - plan in some physical activity between calls
  • Reduce stress - turn off the news
  • Be connected - stay in touch with your team
  • Build trust
  • Be friendly - keep your relationships going with your team

Read the whole article here >>

You may find some more useful information to help you as you work from home below:

Tax & Home Office Expenses

For employees who are working from home, you may be interested in finding out where you stand from a tax perspective. The Australian Tax Office provides information on their website.

If you're an employee who regularly works from home, you may be able to claim a deduction for expenses relating to that work. These are generally home office running expenses, and phone and internet expenses.In limited circumstances you may also be able to claim occupancy expenses. One such circumstance is if your home is your principal place of business. If that is the case you should refer to running your business from home. The other situations where you may be entitled to claim occupancy expenses are addressed on the ATO website.

Download the Employees Working from Home pdf. 

Videos & Other Resources

For employees who may be working from home with children in the house. Here are a few articles containing some great activity ideas to keep your children occupied:

Working from home during Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 10 Tips

Coronavirus (COVID19) requires that we work and study from home to limit the spread of the outbreak. 

How can you work and study from home effectively? 

This video provides 10 tips for things that you can do to help you be more productive and efficient while working remotely. 

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