Wellbeing Hubs FNQ

Raising awareness of the importance of Wellbeing in Far North Queensland.

The Wellbeing Hub by Centacare FNQ recognises the efforts of local community members in supporting each other and offers education, resources and support for individuals, organisations, businesses and events to create awareness of the importance of wellbeing.

The Hubs seek to improve the mental health and wellbeing of individuals and communities by focusing on awareness, capacity building and coordination and are committed to working collaboratively with other agencies, networks and community groups across the FNQ region. The aim being to increase awareness about the importance and benefits of positive wellbeing, build the capacity in community  to promote a positive sense of wellbeing and develop the skills of people, hub members and agencies to increase the understanding of positive wellbeing

Anyone can become a Hub Member. Our members are generally from the community, are passionate about wellbeing and all areas of a person’s health, and are committed to promoting positivity in their community.

Contact us on (07) 4044 0130 to find out more about Wellbeing Hubs FNQ.

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Wellbeing Hubs FNQ
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