Mental Health & Wellbeing Coaching

The Centacare Mental Health & Wellbeing Coaching team offers compassionate, non-judgmental, reliable and free coaching services that enable people experiencing severe and persistent mental illness to negotiate their own recovery.

Our coaches work in partnership with people using the service to reclaim a meaningful and contributing life beyond the impacts of mental illness. We also work with family friends and other carers, to make positive changes in their lives as a part of the recovery process.

Our group coaching programs are based on the belief that people are the experts and masters in their own lives, and that experiencing a mental illness does not necessarily limit people in their aspirations and dreams of living a good life.



    Our Location

    Centacare Mental Health & Wellbeing is located in a peaceful setting at 10 Thomas Street in North Cairns, where we operate out of a delightful old Queenslander.

    We are open Monday - Friday 9.00 am - 5.00pm

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    Centacare Mental Health & Wellbeing Coaching 
    10 Thomas Street, North Cairns QLD 4870

    Mail: Centacare FNQ, PO Box 201, Cairns QLD 4870 

    Phone: (07) 4051 9622
    Email: coachingcentacarefnqorg

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    If you experience any difficulties or have any suggestions for information or improvements, please contact: itcentacarefnqorg 

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