Confidentiality in a counselling session is an important requirement for any client coming to see a counsellor. Counsellor's are bound by professional ethics against which the client's story, their identity and any other information is protected. A client understandably needs to know that their information and disclosures will be confidential.

There are certain conditions under which confidentiality would be broken. It relates to information about terrorist activity, abuse of minors, criminal activity and planned injury to others. It also relates to injury to the client. If the Counsellor believes that their client is, for example, is at serious risk of suicide, they have a duty of care (and we believe ethical requirement as a human being) to provide safety for that client. Wherever possible, the counsellor will inform you if and why they need to break confidentiality and will involve you in ther process.

The Counsellor will explain all this to you at the first session when you enter into the counselling relationship.

More information can be found in our Privacy & Confidentiality Policy or in the Centacare Client Booklet.

The Client Booklet is available at reception.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or queries about privacy or confidentiality.

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