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Below is a list of services Centacare provides to the Community:

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Program can assist you with enquiries regarding Administration and Accounts at Centacare Cairns.


This service offers counselling for individuals (including children), couples and families experiencing difficulties and requiring support with issues such as:

  • relationship/family difficulties (including domestic violence issues)
  • parenting skills
  • children,adolescent and family therapy
  • stress management
  • depression
  • grief and loss
  • development of conflict resolution, communication, and assertion skills
  • development of self-awareness,
  • self-management and self-esteem
  • child therapy
  • trauma counselling
  • critical incident debriefing
  • employee assistance program

Find out more about Counselling.

Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief (ER) is assistance given to people who may need immediate assistance such as Financial and/or material aid. The service assists people with options available to them, including referrals to appropriate specialist agencies to look at the cause of their need.

Find out more about Emergency Relief.

Marlin Coast Respite Centre

Centacare Marlin Coast Respite  is a program funded by the Commonwealth government to let people over 65 years of age (or over 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples) and by the State of Queensland for people under 65 years of age (or under 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples) and their carers it provides services that will enable them to live independently in the community avoiding early admission into permanent residential care.

 Find out more about the Marlin Coast Respite Centre.

Mental Health Resource Services

Enhances the quality of life for people with a mental illness, families and carers by helping them to find ways to cope with their situation and participate in community life.

Find out more about the Mental Health Resource Service.

Migrant ServicesAt Centacare Migrant Services (CMS) we provide free services for eligible individuals, families and migrant communities in Cairns and the surrounding regions. Centacare Migrant Services can help with settlement issues, community development projects, employment, facilitating participation in cultural events and advocacy. Our services are facilitated through a number of programs. These Include:

Find out more about Migrant Services.

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