Home School Savvy

Home School Savvy is a community initiative which aims to provide resources, support and connection for families, students and schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a similar way to School Savvy FNQ, Home School Savvy aims to facilitate access to supplies and support required for home-schooling, by working to bring together unused or unwanted resources such as desks and chairs with families who need them. We are also calling for financial donations to purchase new supplies.

Why was Home School Savvy developed?

We understand that many families will be feeling acute financial pressure at this time. The COVID-19 outbreak is leading us into unchartered territory where parents are not only potentially dealing with job losses and the financial strain that comes with that, but may now also be looking at home-schooling their children who may not be able to physically go to school in the new term ahead. With some parents also working from home, supplies and technology may be thinly spread across the family.

The Home School Savvy Concept

The School Savvy FNQ Facebook page will today become “Home School Savvy” for the duration of the pandemic, during disruption to education. This will be a conduit to connect community members who have desks and equipment they no longer need with people who do. Home School Savvy will also provide resources, information and support to families who are new to home schooling and who may need additional assistance to support their child’s ongoing education. A strong focus on wellbeing will also support families by linking and partnering with community organisations who provide a range of wellbeing and social supports.

Extraordinary times require innovative responses. Our response is Home School Savvy.

Community Support

We are calling for people in the community who have quality furniture and new or unwanted office supplies from the community and local businesses to let us know through our Home School Savvy Facebook page, by posting a photograph, sending a private message or emailing us at schoolsavvy@centacarefnq.org. Any financial donations received will be used to purchase new resources unable to be sourced through donations. Families requiring support can also engage with us in the same way and we will endeavour to link people who have goods with people who need them. Centacare FNQ has registered with the Queensland Care Army to further facilitate engagement and support at this crucial time for our community.

As a place based response to the disruption caused by Covid-19 Home School Savvy will work closely with community to meet the emerging needs of children, families and our wider school community.

Resources brought to you by Home School Savvy

- Pause Program

The Pause Program was developed by Wendy Fox - a teacher from Malanda in Queensland. The Pause program teaches students and teachers about three key parts of the brain, mindfulness strategies and positive education.

Home School Savvy is delighted to be able to share the Pause Program with you on our Facebook page over several weeks.

Find out more about Pause here.

How can you help Home School Savvy?


First of all, we would LOVE for you to Like our Facebook page and share our updates!

Click the image below to go to our Facebook page.

Some of the things you can do to support Home School Savvy...


Donate pre-loved desks and chairs

You can get involved by donating any pre-loved and new desks and chairs that are in good condition to Home School Savvy.

Please contact us through our Facebook page, by posting a photograph, sending a private message or emailing us at schoolsavvy@centacarefnq.org.


Donate Supplies

Donate new or good quality unwanted office supplies.

Please contact us through our Facebook page, by posting a photograph, sending a private message or emailing us at schoolsavvy@centacarefnq.org.

Donate money

You can make an online donation.

All money donations will go towards the purchase of new supplies, data vouchers or furniture which will be donated to those who need support to home school their children.



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