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Centacare FNQ respects and acknowledges the privacy of clients, members of staff, volunteers and other individuals and is committed to protecting any personal and sensitive information which is held through its services. Privacy and confidentiality requirements are part of the legal accountability of the organisation.

The organisation takes seriously its commitment to promoting a culture that respects the privacy and confidentiality rights of individuals. Centacare believes it demonstrates its absolute regard for clients and members of staff by respecting people's right to privacy and by safeguarding any personal or sensitive information that is entrusted to the organisation.

At all times Centacare FNQ aims to balance the rights of individuals to maintain control over their personal information and its contractual, legal and professional obligations

In addition, Centacare FNQ is legally required to follow specific privacy guidelines in order to comply with relevant contractual obligations to funding bodies.

Download the Centacare FNQ Privacy and Confidentiality Policy 03/03/2016

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Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

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