The Centacare Way

Our Vision
A healthy and connected community that reflects and supports the dignity, equality and participation of all people.

Our Purpose
To strengthen the community by providing a range of human services underpinned by catholic social teaching.

Our Values
In our daily work with clients, colleagues and the wider community, we adopt the core principles of Catholic Social Teaching:
    •    Human Dignity: all people are equal in dignity and have equal rights. Those most directly affected by a decision or policy should have a key role in the decision-making.
    •    Solidarity: a shared vision to empower people to reach their full potential.
    •    Special claim of people who are most in need: recognises that achieving equity for clients means that some people may require additional assistance.
    •    The Common Good and Community: our dignity and rights are fulfilled in relationship with others, in community. We are connected with other people and we value the rights and aspirations of others and the well being of all.

Our Organisational Strategic Goals
    1.    Community Connection: Centacare actively engages with our community to guide our service provision and our place in the community.
    2.    Innovative and Sustainable Services: Centacare is recognised for delivering quality, diverse and sustainable services in the community.
    3.    Organisational Culture: Centacare has a healthy organisational environment that fosters a confident, creative and effective workforce.

Our Integrated Quality Business Management (IQ-BM) Principles
    1.    Client Focus
    2.    Leadership
    3.    Engagement of People
    4.    Process Approach
    5.    Improvement
    6.    Evidence-based decision making
    7.    Relationship management

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